Opera Unveils Crypto-Ready Browser for iOS Devices

Opera Unveils Crypto-Ready Browser for iOS Devices
June 27, 2019


The cryptocurrency market is undergoing a mild price correction after rallying for the past two days. Notably, Bitcoin (BTC) continues to stay in green with a gain of 7.3% in the last 24 hours and 38% in the past week. The king of cryptocurrency recorded a high of $13,901.87 before declining to 12, 877.68.

When Bitcoin crossed $11,800 levels previously, it just took 7-14 days to reach $20,000. So, many traders expect that to happen this time as well. Similarly, Ethereum (ETH) has gained 5.4% to trade at $335.18. However, Litecoin (LTC), which is forecast to undergo halving of mining reward in August, has lost only 4.7% to trade at $129.26. Monero (XMR), the privacy-focused cryptocurrency, has lost 7.8% to trade at $103.02. Other major altcoins which have lost between 0.5% and 2% include IOTA (MIOTA-$0.4424, -5.0%), Binance Coin (BNB-$34.89, -4.5%), Ripple (XRP-$0.4584, -3.4%), Tron (TRX-$0.03578, -7.5%) and EOS (EOS-$6.64, 8.2%), Stellar (XLM-$0.1198, -4.0%) and Cardano (ADA-$0.0964, -1.5%).


Government level initiatives

CDU and CSU to use blockchain tech in public domains

The Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) and Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU) of Germany intend to utilize blockchain technology in public facilities. The Unions stated that it is interested in using blockchain for facilities related to the public, such as digital health records, document safeguard, and other management services.

In particular, the CDU and CSU Union suggested the formation of a new firm, which is bound to a distinct commercial register. Furthermore, the system should permit electronic, encrypted identification to be performed by trained notaries.

The Union aims to broaden the utilization of blockchain technology beyond management services. The blockchain specialists of the CDU and CSU parliamentary group and deputy parliamentary group leader Nadine Schön also back the creation of a state-backed cryptocurrency.

The Union suggests the creation of a stable cryptocurrency pegged to the euro-dollar. Furthermore, similar to the euro-dollar, the ‘e-euro’ should be regulated by the central government. The document further states that the cryptocurrency “should be spent via commercial bank crypto-tokens that handle them as demand deposits.”


CFTC accepts LedgerX LLC as a contract market

The US CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) has accepted the official request made by LedgerX LLC for assignment as a contract market. Beginning June 24th, 2019, LedgerX, a US-based regulated crypto derivatives and clearing platform, can function as a designated contract market (DCM). The company’s operation will be regulated under Section 5 of the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) and Part 38 of the CFTC’s regulations.

To enroll as a DCM, LedgerX has to be compliant with all relevant provisions of the CFTC and CEA regulations. The media release further states that “LedgerX has requested that the CFTC amend its order of registration as a DCO, which limits LedgerX to clearing swaps, to allow it to clear futures listed on its DCM.”

Originally, LedgerX tried to obtain a designated contract market license that would permit it to introduce new futures asset in April.

Juthica Chou, LedgerX’s co-founder, said: “We’ve long had the goal to expand the range of customers we can serve beyond our institutional base — it’s the natural next step for us. Omni, by interfacing with our existing institutional liquidity pool, will offer retail customers a top tier experience from day one.”


Private sector initiatives

Opera launches Opera Touch for iOS devices

Opera, the Norway-based internet browser firm has introduced Opera Touch, the iOS version of its mobile web browser. Opera Touch is compatible with Ethereum (ETH) protocol and the Ethereum Web3 application programming interface (API). This implies that the browser auppoera DApps (decentralized applications) based on Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and stablecoins. The browser also features a cryptocurrency wallet, named “Opera Crypto Wallet” for keeping Ether.

At the end of 2018, Opera unveiled the Android version of the browser that offers capabilities that are normal to Ethereum blockchain. Opera Touch claims to be first browser providing ‘Web 3’ support in addition to crypto wallet.

Charles Hamel, head of cryptocurrency at Opera browsers, gave the following opinion on Opera’s recent browser version: “We believe that all modern browsers should integrate a crypto wallet. This will enable new business models to emerge on the web. Opera is the first browser to make using crypto on the Web seamless and easy. Following strong demand from the crypto- community, we are now making this experience available on iOS.”

Notably, for making the aforesaid details public, Opera joined hands with “Marble.Cards,” a crypto collectible dApp. This app supposedly converts website URLs in the form of exclusive collectible cards that are saved as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.


Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform in development

The China subsidiary of Walmart aims to track food product supply chain using blockchain developed by VeChain Thor. For this purpose, Walmart China, PricewaterhouseCoopers, VeChain, the China Chain-store & Franchise Association and Cattle firm Inner Mongolia Kerchin have joined to develop the Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform (WCBTP). During the 2019 China Products Safety Publicity Week Traceability System Construction Seminar in Beijing, organized by Walmart China and the CCFA, Walmart announced the WCBTP initiative.

Walmart China has already provided the list of 23 product lines that will be tracked by the system. The company aims to include another 100 products covering over 10 product categories.

Walmart anticipates a significant volume of food products to be monitored by the system. Regarding the tracking system, the company said: “It is expected that the Walmart China’s traceability system will see traceable fresh meat account for 50% of the total sales of packaged fresh meat, traceable vegetables will account for 40% of the total sales of packaged vegetables, traceable seafood will account for 12.5% of the total sales of seafood by the end of 2020.”

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