Deposit Options

Deposit Options

Deposit Options

The management of capital in and out of your trading account must be matched with a selection of versatile and safe banking options. TradersAsset appreciates that it holds an international audience of readers looking to find solutions to their investment concerns, which is why we look to review and promote only the most flexible and inclusive brokers on the market. Combing through their services, the TradersAsset team are hot on the trail for brokers looking to provide modern and convenient payment solutions. Depending on your location and preference, there may be more than one well-matched option.

Recommended Deposit Methods

No. Name Best For VIP Program Type Read More
1. US Yes eWallet


2. EU Yes eWallet


Wire Transfers

Traditional wire / bank transfers may be facilitated online or in person (with the correct receptive account data in hand). This is considered the most secure method for moving money in and out of your account. Direct bank / wire transfers, are therefore particularly attractive to investors wishing to deal with large sums. Bank-to-bank transactions require both ends to be securely verified in order for a transaction to be processed. In order to do this a client is usually asked for proof of identity and residential address to initiate an approval. Owing to these safeguarding procedures, comparatively this direct method of banking takes longer to complete. However, you may find that some brokers are willing to expedite the process for a small service fee.

Alternative Wire Transfer Solutions (such as MoneyGram or Western Union)

These are companies that send and receive money as a service, or essentially vendors that act as middlemen to facilitate transactions for a fee. Traditionally, these activities would be completed in person, by filing a form and handing over valid ID documents in order to action the process back and forth. Today, many of these companies are accessible online where they can offer better rates of transfer and are better protected against fraudulent activities. Fees apply at rates according to provider, currency, destination and total sum.

Debit / Credit Cards

Making payments with a bank card is usually the default option. Brokers store card information for use again (and for the withdrawal process) and banks and credit card companies have helped to extend security through double sign-in processes online and transaction monitoring. Due to this, the tedious process of re-entering card information on a familiar website time and time again, is mostly an issue of the past. Traders are asked to supply photocopies of the front and back of any bank cards used through their broker account in order to discourage fraudulent activity. Independently, the activity of many credit and debit cards can be monitored through online banking and mobile applications.  


eWallets have become a popular method for managing and pooling money. Many traders will have already encountered and even used these leading services through online shopping networks, such as PayPal. Yet there are many other eWallet providers out there, some better suited to particular regions and industries. Skrill and Neteller, both owned by PaySafe Group, are examples of business specific eWallets and are commonly offered as a low-cost payment solution to online traders from around the world. Accounts must be set-up and managed independently, loading in money from various sources in order to bring up a balance. Transactions tend to be completed swiftly in this manner, but often face small percentage fees for the privilege.

Please note that these companies devise and maintain their own T&Cs and trading policies that may counteract those outlined by your broker (such as fees, exchange rates, acceptable trade regions, etc). Always do your research and read the small print!