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  • Integrated to US-Friendly Brokers
  • $50,000 Demo Account
  • Specialist in Currency Trading
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AutomatedBinary Review

Another launch in mid-2016, AutomatedBinary is fast becoming another popular robot choice for traders seeking diversified trading strategies.

When reviewing this robot we discovered that it is a duplicate of another popular robot trading system – OptionRobot. This isn’t a bad thing as OptionRobot is well known for being a auto-trading powerhouse once configured correctly. Like its counterpart, OptionRobot, AutomatedBinary is a currency-focused binary options trading program. If you wish to trade with stocks, indices or commodities then give BinaryOptionsRobot a try.

There seem to be just two main differences between the two: (1) Automated Binary offers all traders a $50,000 demo account whereas OptionRobot offers $1,000, and (2) AutomatedBinary offers a more diverse selection of integrated brokers. Many of these integrated brokers are regulated by CySEC, however, worthy of note, is at the time of writing (November 2016), AutomatedBinary is integrated to a few popular offshore/US-friendly binary options brokers also. This means that US traders can use the services offered by this robot.

TradersAsset Tip:If you’re a US-based trader and wish to trade directly with US-friendly brokers instead, you can find those most trusted by us in our US Brokers list.

How to Trade with AutomatedBinary

The brokers and robot traders we review only offer free trading accounts. As mentioned above, ALL traders are also entitled to a free demo account with AutomatedBinary. Whether you want a real money or demo funded account, it all begins with clicking the “Trade Now” button above.

Step One: Create an Account
Once you’ve clicked on the “Trade Now” button, you will arrive on the AutomatedBinary homepage. Simply click the “Join Now” button and register for access.

You will be provided with a list of brokers as part of the registration process. Choose the broker that you wish to trade with. Click register and you will have access to the simple interface of the trading platform. From this screen, select the option to make a deposit and you will be redirected to the partnered broker’s banking screen. This is because AutomatedBinary, like all robot traders, act as an intermediary and do not offer banking options. They are merely integrated to operate on your behalf with funds available at your chosen broker.

Image - Automatedbinary Trading Platform
Step Two: Selecting Another Broker
Don’t worry if you were uncertain about which broker to trade with when registering. You can browse a list of all integrated brokers by clicking on the “Brokers” option on the left navigation menu within the robot interface. This will bring up a list of all brokers currently integrated to AutomatedBinary.

Integrated Broker List - Image

You may pick another broker from this list and click the “Join” button and “Connect” button to integrate your new account. This will allow the robot to show real-time balance and allow trading with the broker.

Step Three: Setup Your Robot
The default settings are just that, and should not be relied upon to generate profit. As very As we stated very early on, it’s CRUCIAL that you dedicate some time to setting up your robot program correctly. This is the only way to profit using this system. Click on the “Config” option on the navigation menu to gain access to the robot’s setup menu.

AutomatedBinary Robot Setup - Image

Setting up the robot requires a basic understanding of trading systems and indicators. Please conduct your research and ensure that you understand the Martingale and Fibonacci Trading methods. Also devote time to understanding the use of various indicators such as MACD, RSI, CCI and so on. Once you understand these, you will be able to apply them to the robot.

Included are expiry times of 30, 60 and 90 seconds. Also offered are expiries of 3 and 5 minutes. It’s worth noting here that due to the nature of their setup, these robots work on short term expiries only. Longer contracts can be bought directly at the broker if they offer this. You can also choose investment amounts that range from $10 – $500 per trade, and up to 8 trades can be conducted simultaneously. It all depends on your appetite for risk:reward. Clearly, if you have the desire to take on risk, AutomatedBinary can deliver it.

AutomatedBinary Support

One of the key successes of this robot seems to be their ability to offer their traders a highly responsive LiveChat team. There is no telephone support service offered by the robot’s support team, however email support and a contact form are available for traders that aren’t in a hurry for a response.

We would recommend sticking to the Livechat system as it’s proven to be the quickest way to deal with any issues.

TradersAsset Tip: remember that the support team at your connected brokers are also at your disposal once you open an account with them. These support teams are far more extensive than those of the Robot. They tend to offer telephone, Livechat and Email support, and even a personal account manager in most cases. If you need help, go direct and ask!

Why trade with AutomatedBinary

As stated at the start of the review, the reasons to choose AutomatedBinary are mainly two-fold:

      1. The no-deposit-required $50,000 demo account is unique to AutomatedBinary and is highly appealing for those looking to test setup/trading strategies before risking real funds. It’s also a great way to eliminate risk and “try before you buy” for traders that are new to using robot programs.
      2. The variety of brokers integrated into AutomatedBinary mean that traders from almost all regions can use the software. Some restrictions do apply as you can imagine, but do your research right, check with support teams at integrated brokers and ensure your eligibility and you should be fine.

Another reason to pick AutomatedBinary is their focus on currency trading. Whereas some may complain about a lack of choice, we applaud it. We appreciate that the robot makes no excuses, and is focused on where it can deliver results – once setup correctly. That’s another area worth mentioning. The algorithm’s that power the robot are based on existing indicators and money management strategies. This makes AutomatedTrading an ideal option for a currency trader looking to diversify their trading strategies, or a binary options trader looking to focus more on currency trading/Forex.

If you’re looking for a simple but effective currency trading robot, please do try this out for yourself. With that generous demo account, you have nothing to lose and can experiment with optimal setup. Overall, we were pleased with the performance of the robot and are proud to award it with a four star rating.