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Prior to founding in 2014, Andrew worked as a proprietary trader, then as a market maker. As a market maker, he traded options in over 100 stocks, he then began trading currency pairs in 2013. Andrew still actively trades both, and prides himself on educating and informing traders on the benefits of both Binary Options and Forex.

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) – A Trading Strategy

  The Intel Corporation (INTC) is a leader in technology and their stock prices are watched closely as a benchmark for the technology sector. The stock has enjoyed a pretty steady rally in the last months as the quantitative easing in the

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Call Options Favoured As General Electric Forms A Bullish Triangle

  NYSE:GE (General Electric) is the asset in focus today, as I would like to trade call options on this with a medium to short term expiration date. The reason for this is that this is a so called “defensive

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What’s Next For Coca Cola Stock As Revenue Targets Are Missed?

  Mixed results for COKE (Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated) as the recent announced results saw a big increase in homeland sales while overseas sales dropped further. One explanation would be that a stronger dollar is hurting the company and

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Bullish Bank of America Prices are Expected

The Bank Of America (NYSE:BAC), was on the move today after Friday’s jobs data in the United States. While there are no internal news releases publicised, I would say a jump is possible, but this assumption is based on a more

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Costco Stocks Rise Due to February Dividends

COST (Costco Wholesale Corporation) was on a tear upwards recently as prices pierced the $150 level for the first time and buyers jumped on for the ride.     The spike higher was partly due to fundamental news, internal news, as

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Call Options Advised As Ali Baba (NYSE:BABA) Consolidates Below 100

  Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA) was one of the largest IPO’s of 2014, (if not the largest one), as the company managed to raise impressive funds at its listing. However, months after prices almost reached the 120USD/share, sellers stepped

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Record Earnings for Apple – Put Options are Favored

Apple (AAPLE) just announced record earnings and investors around the world are cheering the results. However, what does this mean for the actual stock price? Well, currently the stock trades at around 109$ and both fundamental and technical pictures doesn’t look

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What Does the Future Hold for Pret A Manger?

Pret A Manger, one of the UK’s favourite high street sandwich shops, is an interesting case study at this time. The company was started in 1986 as a simple concept for a pair of entrepreneurial friends; to provide the UK public

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Apple Launches New Products, Binary Options Traders Gain An Opportunity

The internet and almost every other news medium was a cacophony over the pending tech releases from Apple, the popular global tech giant. The sheer noise about what could, should and would be announced was deafening. As a trader, it is far too

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US and Europe Increase Sanctions Against Russia

The recent tragedy whereby Russian backed separatists were blamed for shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 highlighted the political unrest in Ukraine. 298 passengers on board the civilian airliner were killed. President Putin was approached to make a statement about Russia’s part

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